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You can download the latest version of WHSClamAV here or you can use trailpay and this allows a free donation to go to the developers to support future versions of WHSClamAV.

Now supports international installations and Windows Home Server Console sessions on smaller screens such as netbooks.

NOTE: Configuration and Scheduling tabs are in place in the Add-In Settings Tab but they are not yet populated. Hopefully in the next version of WHSClamAV more advanced configuration will be available along with Scanning Schedulings. At the moment the update service will run every 7 hours and 7 minutes automatically.

If you have any suggestions or feedback then please be sure to use the support option.


The current stats view will be updated. To view more statistics for WHSClamAV then feel free to check out the SourceForge WHSClamAV project site in more detail


Release date File - Version Size (KB)
2010-11-21 WHSClamAV-0.1.9.msi 619.5 KB
2010-06-01 WHSClamAV-0.1.8.msi 556.0 KB
2010-04-12 WHSClamAV-0.1.7.msi 565.2 KB
2010-03-15 WHSClamAV-0.1.6.msi 555.5 KB
2010-02-08 WHSClamAV-0.1.5.msi 512.0 KB
2010-01-28 WHSClamAV-0.1.4.msi 473.1 KB
2010-01-10 WHSClamAV-0.1.3.msi 486.9 KB
2010-01-07 WHSClamAV-0.1.2.msi 472.6 KB
2010-01-07 WHSClamAV-0.1.1.msi 486.9 KB